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Information for Prisoners in Illinois

Welcome to the Illinois Institute for Community Law and Affairs website. This website offers a place for prisoners, the formerly incarcerated, and their families and friends to find and share information about how to improve the conditions of incarceration and deal with the issues faced by those released from prison. It is also a place for other individuals and organizations that provide aid and support to those released from prison to post information about their services. We intend to present news regarding recent legal decisions that relate to prisoners and the formerly incarcerated, a forum for the presentation and discussion of relevant ideas, essays on prison issues, and a calendar of events.

If you represent an organization that provides information and services to prisoners and the formerly incarcerated, we invite you to contact us about your organization, planned events, and other helpful information, and we will happily list you on our website. If you have a website, we will be happy to post a link on our site.

Please note: The Institute does not provide services. We only provide information. We make no income from the website and do not solicit donations. All we ask is your help to get this information to those who need and can use it.