Prison doesn’t have to be the end of the road.

In Illinois, a conviction for a violent crime is the end of the road, even for kids and young adults. The state doesn’t offer parole for release or time off for good behavior. It doesn’t rehabilitate. Decades go by, and families grow apart or go broke supporting their incarcerated loved one. Restore Justice Illinois believes in the human potential for change and they work so the system can reflect that potential.

Restore Justice Illinois brings compassion into an increasingly heartless system. I personally believe everyone has a right to see their family, to access healthcare; a right for a second chance ¬– even those guilty of crimes. If you feel the same, join me on December 13 at Proxi.

Join us at Stories of Second Chances and learn from people whose lives are entwined with the criminal justice system. Get inspired. And know that together, we can overcome the fear that drives our current system.

For more about our work, read Jobi Cates’ recent conversation with The Point, in which she discusses why prisoners in Illinois have no possibility of parole and the role of nonprofit organizations in promoting change.


11:30 AM Doors Open
12:00 PM Program & Lunch
1:30 PM Event Ends

565 W. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60661

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