In this day of state budget imbalances (and lack of a budget, as in Illinois), the Illinois prison system, already  dysfunctional, suffers more-especially the lack of meaningful programs for prisoners.  To help solve this problem, some private persons and organizations have assumed responsibility for the obligations that are really the State’s–at their own expense, private persons are conducting meaningful in-prison classes.

PNAP–“Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project’–is a fine example.  PNAP has created a well-rounded curriculum at Stateville Correctional Center, southwest of Chicago, a dilapidated maximum security prison that  previously had few substantive courses. PNAP is turning that dynamic around. Please support PNAP financially and attend the Weight of Rage” exhibition, starting Jan. 10 with a special event for the community January 16 from 3-5PM. The links below tell a wonderful story–a fine example of a public-private enterprise, a model that needs much replication.

PNAP Year End Report   Letter from PNAP