Illinois Prison Talk has released preliminary information indicating that telephone service for inmates in Illinois prisons is about to change…or is it? Securus has apparently been awarded the contract previously held by Consolidated, and will begin the switchover process in August, which is expected to take several months to complete. Securus is the present vendor at the Cook County jail.

IPT, along with the Illinois Institute and others, are currently looking into the contract specifics, and will report their findings as soon as possible. It is hoped that service will be improved and rates lowered to more reasonable levels, but we have reports from those knowledgeable about the situation at Cook County indicating that to expect that may be wishful thinking.

Although Securus will reportedly be employing newer technology, including three-way detection, their pricing and service levels are comparable to those of Consolidated.

We join with prisoners and their families hoping for better service and fair pricing, but believe that pressure on IDOC, our legislators and the Governor continues to be needed – from all of us — to bring about any meaningful improvements.