To the Changing Minds Campaign and the Vigil,

Thank you for your letter. I found it very inspiring. Not only did I appreciate it, but about 50 others I shared it with did also.

I have made copies and handed them around. Of all the organizations who I have written to, you, someone I have never met, wrote me out of the blue. Thank you!

There are a few things I would like to share with you. First, currently having to litigate a Civil Rights law suit and fighting to overcome the life sentence (without possibility of parole) that I am serving, I experience first hand our fractured system. Speaking in the general sense, many civil rights cares, i.e., Farmer v. Brennan, 114 S. Ct. 1970 (1974), explain how the prisons are “Constitutionally” supposed to operate with “ evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.”

Just by paying attention, anyone can see that this standard is not met. For anyone who cares, this doesn’t shed a positive light on our society.

Secondly, with the utter lack of movement, the constant unreasonably abused use of lockdowns and the harassment of the guards, the mentality and behavior of the administration is ridiculous. They capitalize in every way they can and use prisoners and their families for this gain. It does have to stop. They take everything from us.

The sad part is that all of this extends beyond the prison walls. All the way to the courthouse, law makers and politicians. As you said, all kinds of corporations and businesses also have their hands in the “cookie jar.” The system has their feet on over heads to make them taller, for them to get ahead.

Which leads me to this. Lastly, there are people who deserve to be in prison. I believe in the prison and in America as long as it works right. However, it usually doesn’t and it is abused by almost everyone.

Being a father of a nine year old girl who needs me, and with a family who are better having me in their lives, and I contributed to what is wrong with this world, is the day my life had also completely unraveled. Now I am passionate about creating a better world for tomorrow. It all starts here with this struggle, until I am a free man and allowed to do greater things, I strive for atonement.

Hopefully this letter finds you well. Thanks again for your letter. It is a relief to feel human again. I do look forward to hearing from you again. In the meantime there is a picture enclosed for you to get a mental image of the man I was before I was imprisoned, and how I’ve only become stronger, more intelligent and ambitious. There is a lot to achieve and accomplish.

Please be well and take great care.