Date: Thursday, March 1,2012

Location: The Center for Inner City Studies at 7:00p.m

Description: The Illinois legislature has cut the budget for the Illinois Torture Commission by 85%! This Huge cut will effectively put the Commission out of business. As you are undoubtably aware, the enactment of The Illinois Torture Act was spearheaded by the community based Black People Against Police Torture (“BPAPT”) with the support of a broad coalition of human rights activists. BPAPT drafted the Bill, took bus loads of community supporters to Springfield to lobby for the Bill, and held several communities forums to build support for the Bill. Governor Quinn signed the Bill into law on August 10, 2009, and appointed the ommissioners during the summer of 2010. The Commission has been working diligently to put a procedure in place so they can began to review the cases of the Jon Burge torture victims who are still in prison. The Torture Commission gives many of these victims their only remaining chance of getting out of prison. Although the Commissioners are unpaid, the Torture Act provided for a paid director and staff to do the administrative and investigative work of the Commission. It is critical that the funds be restored to the Commission so that it can continue the important work of, finally, getting Justice, so long delayed, to these victims of torture.