Closing Tamms: One small step for humanity; one large step for 250 mistreated inmates

In a decision both controversial and courageous, Gov. Pat Quinn has ordered the closing of the Tamms Correctional Center, the state’s infamous supermax prison near the Illinois-Kentucky border.

The announcement by the Governor’s office was considered a major victory for the many proponents of the closing, who have long held that inmates in the prison’s […]

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Vigil For True Justice – Please Sign the Pledge

Please let us all join together and send a message that we will not continue to fund a broken system. We want incarceration to work as intended by the constitution. To promote public safety and restore useful citizenship.

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Prison vs. Princeton

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Ban the Box: The Battle to Overcome the Barriers to Employment

The campaign to “Ban the Box,” part of the program to reduce the barriers to employment for those with criminal records, is continuing with efforts to communicate and educate legislators and others in positions to make the necessary changes.

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