Bedsores? A visit to Illinois’ Menard Prison

The Law Center’s Legal Director, Alan Mills, visited Menard prison yesterday, here are some of the things he saw:

This is a preliminary report on my visit to Menard today. A few of the men I spoke with asked that their stories be told more fully. Those will be the subject of blog posts in […]

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Pass the Ordinance Seeking Reparations for the Chicago Police Torture Survivors

Sign the petition now!

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Tamms: A Look Inside – The Story of Daniel Johnson

This is a brief summary of what happened to Mr. Daniel Johnson, a prisoner at Tamms, during the last few weeks of April 2012 and into May 2012, compiled by Attorney Alan Mills after Mr. Mills was finally able to speak with Mr. Johnson on May 19, 2012.)

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Will Institute Pilot Program with Chicago Housing Authority

In August, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Reentry Committee met with the new CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority, Charles Woodyard, and his staff.

The Reentry Committee brought its proposal for a Reentry Provider Housing Certificate to the CHA.  Key reentry providers such as Tony Lawery from Safer Foundation and Bob Dougherty of St. Leonard’s […]

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