Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan blames no one but himself. He is forthright about how he went wrong as a teenager, seeking excitement and escape from his “boring” middle-class upbringing. Living on the edge gave him more than he bargained for, and he was convicted of murder at the age of 18 in 1974, and faced a 40- to 75-year sentence. He takes full responsibility for his mistakes.

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Johnny Outlaw

Johnny Outlaw was a prisoner at the Dixon Correctional Center in Dixon, Illinois, and also served time at Stateville several years before that. While at Dixon, he served on the board of the Prison Action Committee (PAC), the ex-prisoner organization that deals with recidivism issues.

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Duffy Clark

There’s just one word to describe the source of Duffy Clark’s considerable strength—“family”. The 57-year old grandfather of three credits his daughter’s indomitable spirit for making him a success today. Born two months after his arrest, she grew to be his staunchest supporter by the age of 15, and when Clark’s beloved mother and pillar of support died in 2004, his daughter was there to pick up the reins.

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David Wilson

David Wilson wasn’t a gang member when he was sent to prison in 1978 with an indeterminate sentence for murder. But he quickly realized the need for alliances, however potentially destructive, while in the system. “You had to be affiliated with somebody back then – for insurance,” he explains. “I spent the majority of my time just trying to stay one step ahead of my enemies.”

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