Letter from a Menard CC Prisoner

To the Changing Minds Campaign and the Vigil,

Thank you for your letter. I found it very inspiring. Not only did I appreciate it, but about 50 others I shared it with did also.

I have made copies and handed them around. Of all the organizations who I have written to, you, someone I have never […]

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Vigil For True Justice – Please Sign the Pledge

Please let us all join together and send a message that we will not continue to fund a broken system. We want incarceration to work as intended by the constitution. To promote public safety and restore useful citizenship.

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Providing Books for Prisoners

Inmates in Illinois prisons are being offered free donated and recycled books by Books to Prisoners, a volunteer organization based in Urbana. This group accepts requests from prisoners and ships directly to the 27 prisons in the state. To date, they have shipped over 57,000 books to more than 9,000 prisoners. They also operate lending libraries in Urbana’s two local jails. They accept book donations as well as funding to underwrite shipping costs, which amount to thousands of dollars annually. Visit their site at www.books2prisoners.org.

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“A Day at Stateville” stirs interest in Waukegan

Three “sold-out” performances of “A Day at Stateville” were performed in recent weeks at the Clockwise Theatre in Waukegan, the play’s first performances outside of the Chicago metro area. According to Changing Minds Campaign head Jim Chapman, the readings accomplished what he and his colleagues hoped.

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