A new video production of  “A Day at Stateville” will be telecast on the Community Access Network (CAN-TV) in Chicago later this month.

A special presentation of the play, written and performed by long-term prisoners and former prisoners from Jim Chapman’s weekly class in communication at maximum-security Stateville Penitentiary, was recorded on March 20 at CAN-TV’s studios in Chicago.

CAN-TV has state-of-the-art television-production equipment and sets, and provides training to local residents in the use of their equipment and studio facilities. Their programming is distributed through five different area stations.

Danny Franklin, a member of the Changing Minds Campaign Steering Committee, trained at CAN-TV for several weeks, after which he produced and directed the new “A Day at Stateville” video.

The program will be shown on CAN-TV Channel 21 on March 28th at 8:30pm; March 30th at 9:30pm; and March 31st at 11pm, and will also be posted here on the Changing Minds Campaign website when available.

It will also be shown at community events and meetings, school and college classes and other gatherings, where the play has been performed more than 40 times. The new video will extend the play’s message to an even broader audience.